Visiting Cavendish PEI

Cavendish PEI – A Tourist Destination

Are you looking for a new vacation spot? Enjoy the sights of nature, beaches, and national parks? Or are you interested in the art and culture of different countries? Then maybe Cavendish of Prince Edward Island is the destination for you!

Cavendish is a rural community of Prince Edward Island, which is a province of Canada. It was founded around 1790, and these days, is home to about 270 people as of the year 2011. However, Cavendish is host to lots of tourists, and during its busiest months, July and August, the population soars to 7,500 daily visitors.

Cavendish got its name from Frederick Cavendish, Field Marshall and colonel of the 34th Regiment of the Foot.

The founders of Cavendish amounted to three families, the Simpsons, the Clarks, and the MacNeil family. These three families immigrated from Scotland. As Cavendish lacked a harbor , it served as a small community of farmers until about the second half of the 20th century.

Cavendish Cottages

Are you familiar with the literary work Anne of Green Gables? The author who wrote this novel was Lucy Maud Montgomery, who after the unfortunate death of her mother, was sent to Cavendish to live with her mother’s parents. They had home and a small farm that she ended up growing up on. Her cousins, the MacNeill family, owned a farm which they named Green Gables. Her life and experiences living on Prince Edward Island had a strong influence on Anne of Green Gables, and other literary works that she created. Her writings helped Cavendish blossom into a much loved resort community.

In the month of July, in the year 1883, Marco Polo the record-holding clipper ship broke apart on the Cavendish Beach shore. Before Anne of Green Gables brought fame to Prince Edward Island, this was a claim to fame.

Part of the Green Gables Shore Touring Region, Cavendish PEI is a much-loved summertime destination for tourists. There are many resorts and activities for people of every age. There is golfing, and amusement parks (such as the park called Shining Waters), as well as the Cavendish Boardwalk that offers shopping and restaurants for those who are interested in such things. There are beautiful views of the shoreline, beaches, and opportunities to view nature. If you choose to visit Cavendish PEI, numerous accommodation options await as well. If you enjoy camping, there are campgrounds for you and your family. Hotels, cottages, and bed-and-breakfasts are aplenty as well. The childhood home of Lucy Maud Montgomery is also a tourist attraction for those who would like to see it.

One of the biggest tourist attractions belonging to Cavendish PEI is Cavendish Beach. It is a natural beach, being located within PEI National Park. It is divided into three main sections, Cavendish Main Beach (which is the area most accessible to the public), Cavendish Campground Beach, and Cavendish Spit. In the year 2016, there will be a music festival on Cavendish Beach from July 8th to the 10th.

So why visit Cavendish PEI? Boasting many tourist attractions such as PEI National Park, Sandspit Amusement Park, Cavendish Beach, and Confederate Centre of the Arts, Cavendish has something to offer to every member of your family. If you are interested in these attractions, or would enjoy seeing the nature of a whole new country, then visiting Cavendish PEI is the right course of action for you. Come enjoy the beaches, and the shorelines, and tour the home from Anne of Green Gables if you are a literary fan. We promise you’ll never forget your experiences found here in this Canadian province.

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